Performing Groups

Concert Orchestra: Intermediate – Non-audition

Classic Orchestra: Advanced – Auditioned

Chamber Orchestra: Mastery – Auditioned

Harrison Symphony Orchestra: Occasional, with members from the Harrison Band.

Student Leadership

President: Katie S.

Vice President: Eunice K.

Secretary: Heaven R.

Publicist: Ashley F.

Head Librarian:  Tabitha M.

Stage Crew Manager: Greyson C.

Tech Crew Manager: Kaitlin V.

Tech Crew: Madelyn R. and Kaitlin V.

Photographers: Abby O. and Lizzie H.

Chamber Rehearsal Managers: Samantha F. and Angelina P.

Chamber Librarian: Jess M.

Chamber Stage Crew: Annaleigh L. and Audrey T.

Chamber Tech Crew: Nick B.

Classic Rehearsal Manager: Lakelei B. and Mattie H.

Classic Librarian: Sarah Grace H. and  Chantal C.

Classic Stage Crew: Rachel B. and Liz B.

Classic Tech Crew: Blake T. and Lauren V.

Concert Rehearsal Managers: Natalie W.

Concert Stage Crew: Liam M.

Concert Tech Crew: Jessica K.