2022 LGPE – February 14-16

All Harrison Orchestra students will be traveling to Walton High School for the annual Large Group Performance Evaluations. Parents are welcome to attend the performances which will take place in the Performing Arts Center of Walton High School.

Volunteer Needs:

We are in need of parent volunteers for LGPE!  We currently need a couple of chaperones to ride the bus with us to Walton HS and back to Harrison for each orchestra’s performance. In addition, we are looking for a couple of parent drivers who can help us transport double basses from Walton HS back to Harrison on Feb. 15 & 16. If you are available to help, please send an email to Mr. Mori: Koji.Mori@cobbk12.org

Performance Times:

February 14 at 10:30am – Classic Orchestra LGPE February 15 at 5:00pm – Chamber Orchestra LGPE February 16 at 11:00am – Philharmonia Orchestra LGPE

Permission Forms:

Each orchestra student will need to turn in a signed permission for LGPE. Download Permission Forms below:

 February 14, 2022 – Classic Orchestra LGPE Permission Form and Schedule



February 15, 2022 – Chamber Orchestra LGPE Permission Form and Schedule 

 February 16, 2022 – Philharmonia Orchestra LGPE Permission Form and Schedule