Remote Learning for Fall 2020 – CTLS

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

All remote learning will take place in the newly developed CTLS (Cobb Teaching and Learning Systems) learning management system. This platform will be the main system in which we interact and have class as directed by the Cobb County School District. We will update our plans of operation as guidance and updates are given by the Cobb County School District‘s Learning Everywhere Plans. 

CTLS Learn
Students will access the CTLS Learn website to login into class each day and will be able to find what we are doing in orchestra class along with all of their other classes at Harrison on this platform.
If a student misses class, they can get what they missed from CTLS under the digital session titled “Week # – Click Here for Class”. It will give an outline the material from the day.

Link: CTLS Learn

CTLS Parent
Parents will access the CTLS Parent website to login and see announcements and communication about orchestra class as well as information regarding other classes and school information at Harrison.

Link: CTLS Parent

Issues with CTLS?
With so many different issues, it can be difficult to tell if the issue may be with a device, internet connectivity, or CTLS. If any part of CTLS is down, you can check its status here: CTLS Status Monitor (

You can also send an email directly to CTLS Support by email:
Parent email is:
Student email is:

For more information about CTLS, visit:
For more information about Remote Learning, visit: